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Group horse riding lessons in Glasgow

Learning to ride a horse should be something that you enjoy and look forward to every day. Here at Busby Equitation Centre, we have horses and ponies to suit you whether you're a beginner or a pro, so you can rest easy knowing that we're here to take care of you and focus on enjoying your ride.
It's important to ride a horse that suits you. So, we have a selection of horses and ponies which will best meet your needs. We offer lessons for beginners, pros and group horse riding lessons. 
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Lessons, competitions and clubs

We understand that you want to learn at a pace that you're comfortable with, which is why we always want to cater our lessons around you. We've got everything from 15-minute lead rein walks to 2-hour group hacks, so you can learn and enjoy riding at your own pace.
We know that even the most experienced riders are sometimes looking for a few extra tips to improve their performance. If you're already an experienced or a competitive rider, you might enjoy our regular competitions or some of our horse and pony clubs too.

Group Lessons are a great way for saving money, learn from an instructor and other riders and socialising. If you would like to join a group, we will require you to attend a couple of private lessons to enable an instructor to assess your riding level. As with most activities, riders progress at different speeds. Should you progress quicker than your group, you may need to be re-assessed and move to a more advanced group which may be at a different time or day.
Private Horse riding lessons

Your perfect class

  • Private horse riding lessons
  • Pony parties
  • Horse riding for team building
  • Hacking
  • Group horse riding lessons
  • Own a horse for a day

Don't break the bank

Whichever lesson sounds right for you, if you buy a voucher for 6 sessions we'll give you 10% off all of them.  
*Lessons must be booked in advance - 24hr notice of cancellation or payment is required
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For group horse riding lessons in Glasgow, contact Busby Equitation Centre on
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