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Saddle Clubs in Glasgow

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Horse Riding Club

Cuddly Ponies Club – Aimed at Novice Riders From Age 4 who want to get more hands on with the ponies. This Club meets on a Saturday and lets the children get riding lessons and pony care lessons. This club will be at a cost of £25.00 per session.

*Lessons must be booked in advance - 24hr notice of cancellation or payment is required

We require bookings to be made in advance for all lessons and require all lessons to be paid for in full at time of booking to secure the lesson. We are unable to hold any lessons without payment.

In a group lesson where only one rider attends, and there are no other suitable alternative groups to join, you will enjoy a slightly shorter 30 minute private lesson. Alternatively you are welcome to “top” up your payment to receive a full 45/hour private lesson”

Is your child interested in learning to look after a horse as well as to ride ? Whatever age or ability, your child could benefit from joining our saddle club. Not only will they learn how to look after a pony/horse and keep it safe, they will also be able to improve their confidence and riding skills. Looking for something fun to do for a special event ? We also specialise in pony parties too. See below for more information

Horse riding lessons for kids

Saddle Club in Glasgow 

Our saddle club is open to young students of all abilities and is held on a fortnightly basis. We can help them to improve their riding technique, stable management and how to keep their horse/pony healthy. Other benefits include:
• Training sessions every fortnight
• Supervised learning and development
10% Saddle Club discount card
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